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Tralee Dingle Railcar Kit I P Engineering,45mm

Tralee Dingle Railcar Kit I P Engineering,45mm


In 1922 (during the civil war) the Tralee and Dingle Light Railway produced an inspection railcar powered by a model T Ford engine on a Baguley chassis with a six seater body built in Tralee shops. The railcar doubtless found a use as a military scout car during the "troubles".
The TDLR management have a reputation for imitation rather than innovation and the management decided that this kind of vehicle would be very useful for inspection purposes and ensuring the mail got through in times of service interruption, and decided to build one too.
The illustration is of a completed model  built from an IP Engineering kit and completed in December 2011. It is powered by two AAA size batteries. The product for sale is in kit form and unpainted. It needs to be constructed, using your chosen adhesive

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